As a professional life and career coach, I needed work on personal branding through lifestyle pictures. In today’s world, your online brand is very important to your professional success and your pictures are your strongest assets.
Instead of asking friends and family to take some casual snaps, I decided to go with a professional photographer. I had met Harsha in a photography workshop. There is a difference between a photographer and a photographer who is an artist. Harsha is an artist. He sees the beauty in the subject and he knows the precise techniques to capture that beauty.
He helped me to choose a suitable location, helped me pose just the right way to capture some really great pictures. He is very easy to work with.
I am very happy with the results of the photoshoot. They captured the look I wanted for my professional websites. I always get compliments on the pictures on my website and on my linkedIn profile pictures. I also used some of them in facebook ads with great success.
Thank you Harsha!