SmartPhone Photography Workshop

Sat, March 23,  7:30AM-9:30AM, Campbell, CA.


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This workshop is for people who want to use a "PHONE CAMERA" as a travel companion for creating memories and travelogues.  A phone camera gives you much more options than just a point-n-shoot, now even rivaling DSLRs. Dual lens, high resolution, computational photography AI, filters, in-phone processing etc., to name a few.

This 2 hour "In-Field" understand-and-experiment workshop will enable you to explore many of these features. You will learn:
* How to control exposure and focus
* How and when to use HDR
* How to create "pleasing" wide angle shots
* Slow shutter mode
* Capture events like 4th of July Fire Works
* Portrait mode, color vibrancy, creative motion blur.
* APPs for further post process images.(Watch Video for more details and scenario pictures)

Apart from technical aspects of cameras, this workshop is designed to teach compelling aspects of story telling and appealing aspects of Fine Arts. Best part is, these are INDEPENDENT of PHONE CAMERA. (so don't worry if you change your phone next year)

Please join, Sriharsha Annadore (Harsha), your local photographer to walk you through essential aspects of camera so that picture taking becomes second nature and you can focus on creation of any Art form you like.