Digital Photography 201: Intermediate Workshop

Saturday, March 30th 6pm-9pm
San Jose CA

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This is an Enrichment Workshop for Intermediate skill photographers. 

Saturday, March 30th 6pm-9pm (3 hours)
You will learn advanced techniques to capture sharp and properly exposed photographs in various scenarios. Maximizing available dynamic range, controlling Noise, proper light metering, Focusing methods and proper use of gear will be discussed with case studies. Emphasis will be on Sports/wild life photography, low light/night landscape photography, portrait and travel photography.

Workshop topics :

  • Advanced Composition perspective, layering, depth of field, quality of light.
  • Use of "manual & priority modes " and exposure compensation.
  • Techniques of long exposure.
  • Focusing & servo techniques. (auto/manual, hyperfocal distance, pre-focus techniques, focusing at extremely low light, subject tracking)
  • Case studies: Wild life/sports photography, portrait, low light landscape and architectures.

Required equipments: DSLR + Sturdy Tripod + Filters (optional) + cable release (optional)

Sriharsha Annadore (Harsha), your local photographer, will walk you through essential aspects of camera so that camera controls become second nature and you can focus on creation of any Art form you like. He is passionate about conducting workshops for art lovers of all ages and skill levels.

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