Digital Photography 101: Beginners' Workshop
Saturday, March 30th 8:30am-11:30am
San Jose, CA

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Have you been waiting to explore your DSLR art journey? Here is a way to begin with 3-hour Foundation Workshop designed for beginner photographers. 

The Goal of this workshop is to help you override the "AUTO mode" thinking  and enable you to have a better control over DSLR. We will begin our journey by understanding what are the composition demands in creating artistic values to a photograph. We will then reverse-engineer to arrive at manual settings of the camera. You will learn and experiment the uses of setting Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO for various use scenarios. Further, you will learn more soft skills about artistically pleasing composition techniques, selective focus, light metering, image construction and much more...

Workshop itinerary :

In-Class Session: Saturday 8:30AM-11:30AM
  • Artistically pleasing composition techniques and what parameters are behind creating on such.
  • Understand the use of setting Aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
  • Proper use of lens, zoom, focus techniques and other accessories.
  • "Priority modes" and "manual mode" use scenario discussions
  • Case studies and Q&A
  • In-class Experiments on manual control
  • Photo review.

You will experiment determining proper exposure under various lighting conditions and props inside classroom.

Required equipments: DSLR + Any lens combo + Tripod.

Sriharsha Annadore (Harsha), your local photographer, will walk you through essential aspects of camera so that camera controls become second nature and you can focus on creation of any Art form you like. He is passionate about conducting workshops for art lovers of all ages and skill levels.

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Welcome & Introduction

Introduction to Composition & exposure challenges. Overriding AUTO mode

Camera and Lens control

Manual mode exposure triangle

Case studies & in-class experiments

Image review and Q&A