Photography is one of the best Art form to encourage people to work on a common theme while still maintaining personal creativity. 

This uniquely designed corporate photography workshop takes into account that people participating have a common background, their work life involves a common goal and collaboration.

Personalized lessons are the best way to learn photography. Harsha is an experienced photographer who believes in task-based learning. You pick up a task and develop all the technical and artistic skills required to accomplish that goal. He has taught photographers of all Age and levels.

Here are some categories. If you have something particular in mind please FILL OUT CONTACT form below.

Camera & Software

  • Smart phone photography (iPhone or Android)
  • Camera usage/settings (Nikon, Canon, Sony etc.,)
  • Image post processing using LightRoom, Photoshop, On1, Capture 1 Pro.


  • Landscape photography (Morning and Evening hours)
  • Night Landscape Photography (Milky Way, City, Events)
  • Architecture and Cityscapes Photography
  • Wildlife Photography (Few best places)
  • Life Style and story telling photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Event Photography (Wedding, Performing Arts)

All Levels of Photographers are Welcome.


  • $100/hour/person. If session is for 1 hour.
  • $80/hour/person. If session is for 2 consecutive hours
  • $70/hour/person. If session is for 3 consecutive hours.
  • If more than 1 person is in the team. 15% discount.

*** Please note: Add Travel time to/from San Jose: calculated at $50/hour***